Thursday, August 13, 2009

We made the front page!

Not the front page of Vogue but the front page of the  A well revered website for all things handmade.
If your a crafter and on Etsy there are dozens of forum post on those wondering how to get on the front page.   The administrators of  Etsy pick out items to go with there theme or choose a "treasury."  Treasuries are items & themes Esty members pick out. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get featured.  
Our candle tins are quite popular on our website and we thought we would promote our Leo scented candle tin to Etsy.  Low and behold there were several inquires and viewings of that particular item and another Etsy shop member clued me in that my item made the front page.  Since I'm a newbie I don't have any great tips other than take a good picture and have items related to the season might help.  If your an Etsy shop member or marketing professional please comment and share your tips with us.

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