Saturday, March 19, 2011

Estians for Disaster Relief

In the wake of this most recent disaster several independent artisans from Etsy put together a team called Etsians for Disaster Relief.  We post national and international disasters, organizations to donate, what is needed and what we can do to help.  Many shops have donated a percentage of sales to organizations in an effort to help raise money.

Like I've mentioned before, giving is the absolute best feeling in the world.  I highly recommend volunteering your knowledge or time with an organization that is always happy to have the help.  It's free and priceless to those who need it.  If that's not possible then money is always the next best option.

Besides donating to organizations, why not also do your shopping at some shops that are also donating a portion of their proceeds.  Here are a few of my favorites:

These lovely Pink Dots Earrings in Pastel Pink w/ handmade Hoops and Porcelain Clay Charms are adorable.  60% of the sale will go to any charity of the buyers choice on this link

This Modern Clutch - Kate Spain Central Park makes me wants to set a date with my mom for Sunday Brunch in the heart of New York City!  50% of sales will go to the AmeriCares Foundation Inc.

For all of us animal lovers let's not forget all the misplaced pets.  50% of sales from this shop will go to the Japan Animal Relief Fund.

This Silly Doggy Crocheted Hat just makes you want to smile like this adorable model.  50% of sales for March goes to Direct Relief International.

I love these Red Leather Bangles (I bought a set for myself)!  For every set sold $5.00 will be donated to the Red Cross.

It was hard just picking one bag but I just love this Charcoal Grey + Pink Coral Purse.   This shop uses eco-friendly materials and net profits from all sales will be donated to to the Red Cross for the month of March.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I'm not Irish and never thought to find out what St. Patrick's Day was about. To my surprise, according to it was a religious event.  I guess the part that says "Saint" should have clued me in. 
These days everyone around the globe celebrate St. Patrick's Day regardless of their culture in some kind of way.  I love finding out the origin of different beliefs and celebrations.  Even though the U.S. is a melting pot it's important to preserve rich cultures and traditions we can all benefit from. 
Also, like most holidays or celebatory days we equate things that have very little to do with the day..i.e margaritas for Cinco de Mayo, bunnies for easter  etc.
So I will continue the tradition with a collection of Funky Green Things:

'Funky Green things' by nikkicandles

All this green makes me want to say "top of the morning to you"! Enjoy

Teardrop Vibrant Peridot Stu...

Taxidermy Unicorn No 3

Plastiche Brooch

8x10 owls more colors availa...

St. Patricks Day -100 Origam...

Pool Table Messenger Bag - P...

Green Sleeves 2 long dress (...

Little Man Button Hat in Gre...


Dipping dish - leaves in cha...

Saint Patrick's Day Bow ...


Light Green LEGO brick ring ...

Green Tea, Tassimo Recycled ...

Margarita Fudge. No Butter, ...

Luck of the Irish. The Chart...

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've been an adult for some time now and it seems as if a major disaster happens somewhere around the world more and more often and each more and more horrific.  Can you imagine the horror one felt in the hurricanes of Katrina, the frightening feeling of buildings shaking in Haiti, the feeling of loss in the Tsunamis in Thailand?  There are countless more disasters before and after the ones I mentioned but then there is Japan... 

Not just a historic earthquake but then a Tsunami to follow, and then the threat of radiation is a definite possibility. I am not a religious person but if it will help I will pray to a greater power because my heart goes out to them.
Even though Japan is not a third world country and thousands of miles away they need help!  Reputable organizations designed to assist those in disaster relief constantly need donations to be able to keep up with this demand of basic needs like water, food and shelter.
Two of my favorite are the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

Your not helping a different country, race, government or people that may not speak the same language.....your helping humanity.