Monday, August 30, 2010

Old vs New

If your a customer that has been rolling with us since the very beginning you are familiar with the old logo and the "new" one. Actually the new logo is 3 years old now.  I actually still have some items with the old logo.  I ordered about 100,000 matches with that logo.  An old friend and awesome artist A. L. Dre made the logo with his partner from the company Melanin.  I love the colors the, burning candle concept.  I have it in many variations and it will remain my favorite.  Then as I changed my website I found an up and coming web designer with a company called Quirky Bird.  She couldn't incorporate the old logo so made a more streamlined one.  I love this one too for so many different reasons.  Although it's simpler it's easier to read and more commercial.   Which is your favorite?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monthly Giveaway Galore

Congrats to the July winner R. Jones from Catonville, MD for commenting on our website.

Here is how you can win

Just for commenting you are automatically entered in our monthly giveaway.
  1. Be our fan on Facebook and leave a comment about the topic or website.
  2. Follow us on Twitter and tweet about us using nikkicandles or Nikki Makes Scents (sorry private tweets can't be seen and therefore cannot be counted)
  3. Follow our Blog and leave comment about any of our post for the month (sorry private follows cannot be verified therefore cannot be counted) .
  4. If you made a purchase, leave comments on our "what people are saying" page

It's that simple to win 5 candles from us!!  (Please provide a way for us to contact you.)

Do all four each month and that will count as 4 entries to increase your chances!!
Comments such as "comment" or "I'm following you" are not considered comments! Please comment on our post, our products or whatever subject we are chatting or tweeting about this month.
(Previous winners within the year are not eligible to win again although we appreciate your support so let's hear from you too!)