Monday, August 30, 2010

Old vs New

If your a customer that has been rolling with us since the very beginning you are familiar with the old logo and the "new" one. Actually the new logo is 3 years old now.  I actually still have some items with the old logo.  I ordered about 100,000 matches with that logo.  An old friend and awesome artist A. L. Dre made the logo with his partner from the company Melanin.  I love the colors the, burning candle concept.  I have it in many variations and it will remain my favorite.  Then as I changed my website I found an up and coming web designer with a company called Quirky Bird.  She couldn't incorporate the old logo so made a more streamlined one.  I love this one too for so many different reasons.  Although it's simpler it's easier to read and more commercial.   Which is your favorite?

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