Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's in your backyard?

I use to live in a quaint beach community popular with manhattan-nites during the summer.  Every time I tell people I was raised four blocks from the beach and boardwalk most say "you probably went to the beach everyday."  Like most people I didn't take advantage of much of the splendor that was right in my backyard as I got older and life got busier. 

I'm afraid to admit it but I think like many New Yorkers,  I haven't even been to the Statue of Liberty which is only 20 miles from me.

Now I live next to a park literally in my backyard.   I walked out this morning for a brisk walk, to find some pine cones and take in the beauty of fall.  Although I didn't find not one pine tree and I kept tripping because I was falling in love with the sights surrounding me.   I used to think scenic pics were a waste of film if a person wasn't in it.  How wrong was I!  Taking pics of vacation spots are always nice but I come to appreciate what I have right in my backyard.

What's in your backyard?


Meeling said...

Beautiful leaves!!
I wish that was in my backyard.

I have a small yard...but it's nice, grass and a patio and a fire pit!

Happy Tuesday!

1moodychic said...

What a lovely back yard, I just posted what's in my back yard as well. Great minds think alike:o)