Friday, June 3, 2011


I'll miss the Oprah talk show as well as the Oprah the host.  Her warm real personality made you feel like you knew her.  Through the years I have loved and admired her, been sick of her, respected her and questioned her.  However,  I think one of my greatest lessons from her and her show was the enormous power of giving.  Although I have had many struggles throughout my life I recognize there are many with far worse problems and have been able to give back or encouraged others to give back like I have many times on this blog.  Nikki Makes Scents and out customers have been able to give through donating money, volunteering time and knowledge or donating products from Natural disasters around the world to disease and war.
Recently we found a program that allowed us to donate 2 dozen soap bars to domestic violence and homeless shelters in Connecticut and realized that a donation of some bath & beauty products could brighten their esteem with just showering and smelling like one of our fantastic fragrances.  My mom has always been a great giver of her time to organizations and friends and so the seed was already planted to give but I think Oprah's show showed me visually why it was so important for not only the recipient but the giver as well.
"What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you."
                                                          ---Oprah Winfrey

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