Saturday, December 6, 2008

Great new stuff

Just in time for the holidays the newest aromatic sensation are here. These are one of my favorite air fresheners if I can't use a candle. They are simple to use and smell fantastic. Just pick your scent, put the reeds in the bottle, place anywhere in the room where it won't spill and voila!! In about a hour or two the diffuser oil absorbs up the reeds and the smell is wonderful! These last for several months and then you can find another refill scent to fall in love with. We are starting off with over 75 scents right now which is still more than most offer.

Purchase a diffuser set and a refill together and get $3.oo off until January 31st 2009
. (prices discount will not show up on shopping cart. Not for check orders)

Fragrances are a personal thing. My mom like floral scents, my BFF likes only Vanilla and Rice Flower & Shea. I have a tendency to enjoy fruity blends, woodsy, fresh, and.....oh heck I love many scent categories; that's why I started this business. We don't want anyone buying a scented item for someone and they hate it the smell of it. That's why we've added Gift Certificates to our line. They can pick whichever scent they want and love you for choosing a company with a great variety.

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