Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Sales

Several took advantage of our first annual Cyber Monday Buy 1 get 1 Free Sale! Am I glad it's over - YES. The constant emails, phone calls and the large orders have me and my staff in a tizzy. Would I do it again? YES, in a heartbeat!! It went over so well I might make it twice a year so be on the look out in a few months. My other staffer, myself and any family member I can bribe have been pouring candles for 6 days straight. Luckily I have a relative that will work for scents. I made a batch of Lavender-Vanilla body butter for her and she's good for about another few weeks.

Congrats to Simone from Palm Desert, CA for winning the 50 free votive drawing. And my most productive affiliate in November Tammy, from Houston TX for winning another 50 free candles. She was definitely on a mission!
There are still over 65 items on sale. Get them now before they go!!
Until next time....back to candle-making.

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