Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Banana Cream Pie Day

Today is Banana Cream Pie Day! I kid you not. I didn’t find any interesting facts as to why this dessert has it’s own day and who dubbed this National Banana Cream Pie day. Maybe banana farmers or bakers of award winning Banana cream pies wanted recognition. Can this be sanctioned by someone other than the president?  Okay, I’m thinking to deeply about this.  The only tidbits I found out was that Banana Cream Pie was the favorite dessert in the U.S Armed Forces in 1951 (I guess devil dogs weren’t invented yet).

Nonetheless, I never tried this creamy delight before.  I don’t think I will start now since as I age I’m getting more and more lactose intolerant. I’m not really into fruit pies anyway except if I make a homemade apple pie. Yet fruit pies always looks and smell so delicious.

I do however love the scent of bananas and therefore will discount this scent for today only.
20% off any product with the scent Banana Cream Pie on my website. 
We also have a listing currently on sale at Etsy.

Check out this recipe link for Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes that I found on Delish.com that sound yummy if you want to make one.

Otherwise, buy one at the bakery. I asked my local bakery if he was aware of this holiday and he gave me a blank stare. I just happen to be the godmother of the owners’ his firstborn and he still wasn’t taking any percent off a cream pie I was bringing in for my staff . (I thought I would try.)

If your on a diet get the scent in a candle, air freshener or bath + body product… its the next best thing!

PS: Just so you can plan your meals accordingly March is National Nutrition Month but this Thursday (3/4) is National PoundCake Day and Friday (3/5) is National Cheese Doodle Day.
Go figure.


Nevita said...

So yammi, love them.

ikeandella said...

It sounds yummy!