Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FUgly Edition #3 – Zebra votives

Last summer an etsy team I belong to suggested one month we all create something “jungle-themed.” Be it the color, pattern, animal or whatever. This got my creative juices flowing. I decided to make votives in a zebra-type pattern and color. Thus the result.

First of, a zebra pattern isn’t strictly vertical so that should have been my first clue. I made the pieces to thick to bind properly so some as you can see aren’t. I made the black strips scented in Black Cherry.  When I binded them with wax the colors blended into a transparent Grey look. I think I should have renames this masterpiece to "black sky scrapers in smog".   So I tried it again.

I added white strips scented in coconut so when you light it the aroma of Black Cherry-Coconut fills the air.  Some did bind but look awful so if you want them they are yours for shipping cost only. I would suggest putting them in a tight fitting votive holder.  If you are purchasing something similar in size something else I will throw them in the box for ya (first come first serve).
I scratched this idea and went for this fall scented look

These Crackling Firewood Octives sold out constantly last fall.  So trial and error....and error paid off.

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Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love the series 'fugly editions'.