Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FUgly Edition #4 - Ummm Soap

There really isn't anything wrong with this soap.  In fact it's made with Shea Butter and has a super creamy lather which leaves your skin moisturized.  The aroma is fantastic!  The only problem is that I can't remember the scent I used.

I'm usually super organized and you have to be  when dealing with almost 700 scents.  I was working on this soap over the holiday and when it became busy I abandoned the new creations and started filling orders.  Now that it has settled down I came back to my soap to cut and test.  I thought I wrote the fragrance down or left the bottle next to it but after cleaning up I must have put it away.

I do know my intention were to make a great smelling men's soap and this has notes of sweet brown sugar and a slight woodsy undertone.  My "official testers" love it!  I love it for myself as well.  I considered going through all the men fragrances I carry to find the right one but sometimes fragrances smell differently when mixed in the product.

Right now I'll just call this Shea Butter soap and offer it at a discount in my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  If I ever figure out the fragrance you will see it on my website.  Take advantage of my mishap and try this soap out because you are sure to love it as well!


Burning Moon said...

The soap looks great I hope you can find the scent that you used,I would be interested in a good guys soap

paintingpam said...

That's so funny. Thanks for sharing the mishap!