Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mason Madness

Mason jars are such a great inexpensive decorating tool.   I know most of us first think of preserves or rustic (well I do) but these home decor suggestions are simple elegance!

This is a fantastic idea!  Line the walkway with mason jars that are a 1/4 filled with Epson salt and our candle votives (ofcourse) and wah-la you have a festive inviting lite walkway for the season.  If you live colder climites like I do I think this would be great for winter-themed dinner parties or to line your mantle.

How about Mason Jar Lanterns?
I love the simplicity of this!  Inexpensive enough to place all around a patio.

Floating candles in Mason Jars.
 Fantastic idea I found on My Bridal Ideal 
All you need is water, clear stones, jars, floating candles and top it off with a nice raffia ribbon.  I love it!
Mason Jar Storage
This fantastic DIY project courtesy of Lovely Little Details is a unique idea I might try.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
This is such a simple DIY by Blissfully Content I think I will do this over the weekend! 


Honey Nest said...

I love mason jars, too! :)

AngieOuellette-Tower said...

I love your Mason jar products! I'm your newest follower from the "Blogging Buddies Follow me" thread. I would be so happy if you'd follow back:

Silly Little Sheep said...

I love candles in glass - whether it is a mason jar or anything else - a cup, clear or coloured... My friend used to make great candle jars by just using an ordinary clear glass jar from coffee or something and stuck little shapes made of adhesive glass paint that people usually put on windows. And it was magical :)