Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small Business Week

Today is the start of Small Business Week (July 1 - July 7, 2012).  Actually National Small Business week sponsored by the SBA (Small Business Assoc.) was in May.  This Small Business Week is sponsored by America United with a focus on buying from small American companies on products that were made in America.  Fifty percent of American jobs are by small businesses.  Supporting small business is an essestial part of our economy.  Spending as little as $5.00 in a small business from everyone in America can make difference. 

I make a habit to buy from many small businesses online but this week I'm making more of an effort to find more small businesses locally:
  • Heading to the Farmer's Market this morning and the butcher instead of the supermarket.
  • There is a great mom + pop hardware store around the corner that I usually only use when I don't want to drive to Home Depot.   They give me great advise and always have what I'm looking for.  I can never find a salesperson when I need one at Home Depot.   I will use them more often
  • I've been eyeing a cute boutique for weeks near my house.  Now is as good a time to pop in a spend in there instead of the Gap.
  • Groupon introduced me to a place that makes great healthy Roti's last week.  It's a new favorite so I will be back this week as well.
Nobody is saying don't buy from the big businesses, but don't exclude the little guy.
Share the knowledge about Small Business Week to your friends and family.  What small business(s) are you headed to this week?

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