Thursday, November 12, 2009


We added over twenty new fragrances to our incense menu:
Apple Cinnamon
Black Current Vanilla
Bubble Bath
Cedarwood Chips
Cinnamon Almond
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Indonesian Coffee
Lemon Lime
Moroccan Mint
Oreo Cookie
Red Velvet Cake
Sweet Pomegranate
Tobacco Pipe
White Christmas
White Cinnamon

The rare occasions I smell a pipe, a comforting serene feeling comes over me as my grandmother used to smoke one.  I think I will light that one this weekend.  Many aren't in our main scent list but if you like them in incense then you will begin to see them in our candles and bath and body products....just ask!

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Christie Cottage said...

Those scents sound like they smell wonderful!

I am following you :-)