Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moomeez makes me smile

So I got rid of my Barbie collection as soon as puberty hit (then I would just use Ken as a voodoo doll if my crush-of-the-week didn't speak to me in school.

My stuffed animal collection I parted with during early adulthood. I had bought a brand new car on my own working 2 jobs and considered it a badge of an being an adult. Before I could peel the sales sticker off the window I was lining my stuffed animal collection across the back seat window. Do girls still do that? I even think I fastened a couple of bigger stuffed animals in. I bought a stick shift and my animals brought me comfort as I stalled out over 50 times trying to get back home. Looking at them made me smile that there was still a little kid in me.

I no longer have dolls or collect stuffed animals as they were a part of my childhood. As an adult I haven't had a desire to have a doll....until now.

Moomeez pronounced MOO0-MEEZ (the 'moo' part is like a cow's 'moo') makes me smile. Moomeez make me reminisce of childhood and laugh. makes me want to take a break from the rat race and and eat some Starburst. These are fantastic one of a kind (OOAK) yarn doll creations. Tenaya Gremlin is one of my favorites of her collection.  Officially I can have one because they aren't for children (yes I'm justifying and talking myself into getting one). Also, what child could appreciate the skill it takes to crochet all those pieces into an adoring character from the artist "quirky imagination". Mel the owner of Moomeez has been crocheting since she was girl and crafting these dolls for eight years.

We asked what inspires this artist and her work
"A lot of things inspire me. It can be colors, the sky, a person, childhood memories, the texture of a fabric, etc. I can't put my finger on one influence. But the results of my workmanship matter to me. I try to create dolls that have a look of innocence, purity, and genuine goodness. It's really simple...I just hope the dolls make you feel happy and comforted. "

She also customizes dolls from your odd ideas as well. Check out Moomeez Boutique and it's sure to make you smile as well.


sunshine said...

Oooh....Love it! Great colors - Moomeez does make you smile:)

SleightGirl said...

Too, too cute! I was always one of those people that meant to put stuffed animals in the back, but I was also a procrastinator, so they never quite made it there.

Unknown said...

wow what a cool doll! really really want one too x