Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you romantic or romantically-challenged?

I'm not a romance expert. In fact several years ago I sent a former boyfriend on a treasure hunt. I hid the items all around town with what I thought were cute poetic hints where to him were confusing brain teasers that got him lost for over 3 hours and caught in the rain. By the time he got back I was asleep and he was wet and angry! Needless to say we are no longer together.

Here are some romantic ideas I love doing for the person I love and I love having done to me!!

Breakfast in Bed

My DH only expressed how much he loves when I gave him breakfast in bed until I stopped doing it.  A lesson learned for both of us is always express your appreciation and don't stop doing the things you did to get him/her.

365 Kisses

I love this idea by  Buy an inexpensive decorative jar or container. Then buy 365 Hershey Kisses, one for every day of the year. On the Hershey paper tabs, write one thing you like, love, or appreciate about your significant other, and only allow them to have one each day for a year. It takes some time and thought, but they will think of you with every daily kiss. This is a great idea when distance is involved, but works wonders at home too.

Video Love

Profess your love online or have your dog do it for you.

Scrap off the ice
I know this isn't the most romantic for some but my less than romantic DH made my heart melt one cold morning when he did this.  I usually leave for work two hours before he does.  This morning he pretended he just got up and was taking the garbage out front.  I got to the driveway and the ice was scraped off the windows of my car, the heat was on at the perfect temperature, and by my CD player a post-it next to a CD said "play me."  It said simply "Have a good day at work and get there safe...I love you"  followed by a compilation of my favorite songs.  I was so touched I called in sick!!

ForPlay Kit
I made this Bath + Body True Love Kit since my romantic treasure hunt didn't work out so well.  Something you can do together!
  1. Start off by getting in the shower together and lathering each other with the 2 honey-based bars. Don't forget to say "Kiss Me Honey."
  2. Once you get out the shower light our chunk candle to set the mood.
  3. Moisturize each others dry parts to keep them baby soft.
  4. Top of the "play" with a relaxing massage.
  5. Feed each other the 2 enticing chocolates we've added.
  6. The rest of the night is up to you!
Find this kit on my website or on Etsy.

Try some or all of these throughout the weeks of the year and not just Feb 14th.

Do you have any romantic ideas or funny flops you care to share?

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