Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heart for Haiti - Update

My favorite shop received some well deserved recognition by the Etsy organization with a blog feature several days ago which revived the Hearts for Haiti shop with even more donations and sales  They have raised over $28,000 to Doctors without Borders
Currently there are over 1100 items for sale and over 2200 items sold!

Check out their blog (Etsy for Haiti) for more updates and features on the wonderful people who organize this shop around the clock.

Here are some more of my favorites I picked as great Valentine's Day presents.  Don't forget all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders (less paypal and etsy fees) and FREE shipping on  everything in the shop!

by Charmed by Heather

by  Michvanetta

Keep Haiti in your Heart!


michvanetta said...

There are alot of lovely things listed in the Hearts for Haiti Etsy Shop.
Thanks so much for featuring my necklace :)

xx Mich

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for supporting Etsy HFH in your blog! -Sunny

SleightGirl said...

Doctors without borders is a great organization...and I just love that signature heart!

delightfuldaisy said...

Lovely items!!

My Owl Barn said...

Love the heart pendant!

jammatun said...

Such pretty items in the Hearts for Haiti Shop! Just followed your blog! Recently updated our blog:

Hypnotransformations said...

I love Hearts for Haiti! I donated 5 hypnosis downloads to their shop. They went fast =)