Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FUgly Edition #2 – Floral scented Soy votives

These really aren’t that ugly and smell so good. These are 100% soybean wax votives with some chips and outer imperfections. Other than that they are wonderful! They were an order that was shipped back undeliverable because the customer never picked them up from the post office. The additional trip was a little rough on my votives so I am extending discount for them exclusively on Etsy.


Kelly said...

Fugly Edition? Hehe!! Love that. And nope, they aren't that ugly at all. :)

Laci Jo said...

i love candles! they aren't ugly, they have "character"!


Nikki said...

Ha ha....I like that. Like when I find my first wrinkle; it will have character. I love it!