Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Pecan Day

I'm not into nuts (except for my nutty life).  I heard pecans are good in antioxidants to assist reducing the threats of cancer. I wonder if I smother them in chocolate I can get the same benefits.  

If your in Texas you may know that the pecan tree is the official tree for Texas.  My good friend who now lives in South Carolina says there is a pecan festival  that happens annually.  Alabama has made the pecan the official state nut!  The south loves their pecans!

Wherever your from or how ever your like your pecans (roasted pecans, pralines, pecan pie, butter pecan) Enjoy...and go nuts!!


Kathryn Dyche said...

Mmmm I love them every which way, yum.

Johanna Starnes said...

I would love to have a pecan tree! I love them roasted with cinnamon sugar and butter. Mmmmmmmm.