Monday, April 26, 2010

We are moving!

We are moving!   Looking the the perfect place that meets your needs has been arduous.   I haven't moved in 7 years but with ceiling tiles falling on you and flying carpenter ants (or termites) I knew it was my sign to go.  Our new space is a little bigger but brighter.  It's also a great excuse to now organize everything I have for smoother processing.  That also means shopping for lots of shelves, lighting and new equipment!  If I have time I'll take some pics of before and after if I'm not stressed from the move.  I only started packing and I have about 20 boxes and don't see any progress.  The biggest dread is packaging and securing my over 650 scents and hoping the movers take care in what I consider my most expensive business property....Perhaps I will load them in my truck instead.  Anybody have any moving horror stories?