Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Reflections

It’s been a great year for us (and I definitely don’t mean financially).

Here are some of the 2009 highlights

I found Etsy. Actually I knew about this site but didn’t really delve into the community until this summer.   This same time last year the business was neglected after the recession took it's toll on us and working on other projects.   Etsy has revitalized my love for my craft and pledge to buy handmade whenever possible. (I’m sure they love me too because I spend a fortune there).  I feel like I got my MoJo back!!  Thanks Etsy!

Picture perfect! Okay my pictures aren’t that great but they have greatly improved. We can’t quite afford a professional photographer yet so our resident staff photographer (me) is thankful for last year's Christmas gift to update the photos on the site. They weren’t that bad were they?

I have 787 new friends!   We've gone social network crazy and connected with super people all over the net.  It is wonderful to know more about our customers and admirers and also share a personal side.  Check us on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, KaboodlePlumdrop and Etsy.

Beeswax is Back!  Our tapers were a top selling product for us this year.  Even though I have hundreds of scents these tapers are always a staple on my dining room table because they look so nice and the natural pleasant aroma doesn’t mix with the food.

Our best selling scents for 2009:

I will miss 2009 but I am so looking forward to 2010!   What were your highlights?

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