Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gift Guide #29 - The Sports Enthusiast

From the sports fans to the athlete to those who coach them I found several gift ideas they would love. Take a look.

These cute Tennis Earrings  from Little Charm are inexpensive enough to give out to the whole woman's tennis team.

For those sports fans who love their team and can't stand their rivals this Rival Team Sucks T-Shirt by Arch Rival Tees is the perfect in your face statement.

I use to be a gymnast and I would have loved to find a Gymnast Pendant such as this.  The Silver Diva has several hard to find sterling silver sports pendants and they also personalize it more with a name or saying!

The Dallas Cowboys of Old print is a great addition to someone's game/sports room or the "man cave" of the die-hard Cowboys fan.  Find more fantastic art at Essence of Us - Artwork by Bill Olivas.

The New Years resolutions to get in shape will start in only a couple of weeks.   Encourage them with this attractive Flower Power Yoga mat Bag by  Chella Bella Designs.

The Carved Walking Stick by Grumpys Gallery is a wonderful gift for the hiker in your life. The carvings are magnificent and each stick comes with an adjustable leather strap, rubber boot and a compass so your hiker always knows where to go (unless he/she doesn't now how to read a compass).

Keep your athlete hydrated through practices and the game.  I love these Custom Team Water Bottles by JJ's Pointworks.  You can get these personalized with your athlete's name or team or the even the team logo.  I like these as a gift for coaches as well. 

This is my absolute favorite.  I know they must have sold out the the Detroit Lion Dammit Dolls (just I'm not...sorry Detroit.) :-)   Instead of punching holes in the upholstery of their couch you can give the Dammit Doll to that frustrated fan.  I can just see DH (dear husband) punching the face in of this doll when their favorite player fumbles the ball.  This is a fabulous idea brought to you by PGH Patchwork Gal.  It may not be available for Christmas delivery but give this to them after because the college bowls and playoffs are coming up and they there will be plenty of "Dammit's" going on on living room couches.

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