Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Guide #27 - The Artist

If you are a crafter, designer or artist sometimes the inspiration for a creation hits in the weirdest places.  Sure you can text a note to yourself about what you intend to make, although sometimes there aren't words that explain ART.  Sketching that idea right away makes it easier to capture your exact thought.

This snazzy le petit artiste Art Set by  Pink Lemonade Boutique come in several designs and includes a sketch pad, pencil case and a tote to hold them all in.  The linen covered designs on the set give it a cool artist vibe.  I love it!


Vicki said...

This is so cute, and would make a great gift!

Pattie said...

Those are so pretty, I really want one now lol

And you are so right b/c sometimes I read the thoughts that I had in my head (when i wrote them i was all "ill get it") and don't have a clue to what I was thinking lol