Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Guide pick #27 - The Naughty

Remember the lump of coal your mom threatened you with if you didn't do your chores or finish your homework?  You can either give this as a gag gift to your friend that has a sense of humor (afterward presenting your real gift ) or anonymously to that co-worker who keeps eating your lunch.   The Original Coal Gram comes in a elegant red ring box with actual coal in the transparent box!  Find it at Coal Gram!

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Donnie Franzen said...

Hey Nikki,
Thanks for the mention on your blog. We hope you and your readers are as excited about sending holiday coal to their friends, family, enemies & scrooges as we are! Remember, we offer Free domestic shipping & 15% of each purchase goes to charity. Check out more information @

Happy Holidays,
Donnie Franzen
Co-Founder CoalGram, Inc.