Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food Snob

I’m real picky about my food to the point I had the nickname “Picky Nikki” stick for a few years.  But as I age what I like doesn’t agree with me anymore and I’m searching for new favorites.   I like to cook only when I don’t have to and when I do I like creating different recipes. The Food Snob is right up my alley.

I’m especially loving the homemade Vanilla marshmallows.  I’m wondering how they would taste in Rice Krispie treats instead of using Fluff.. Yeah I know real refined huh. LOL   When I said I like to cook I didn’t say I wanted to make Crème Brule.  I’ve never seen Tangerine Extract in the stores before (actually I never thought to look).  These extracts make you want to make something!  If you are looking for unique flavors to add a kick to new or boring recipes then check out The Food Snob.  I will also be following their blog to see how they prepare food using these delicious ingredients.  The Food Snob

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Janette P. said...

I'll have to check out Food Snob, thanks for posting about it!