Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

Last week I was a little perturbed at the online community as I didn’t see much outpouring of sympathy or much talk about Haiti except for an occasional lone person here or there.  People talked about what they had for lunch or their love life but no mention of an Earthquake that affected millions of people.   I know life must go on but it  hurt that I kept thinking about this suffering and it “seemed” many others just thought of this as a tragic news story.  Then I came across Heart for Haiti.

Hearts for Haiti is an online collective of Etsy shops that have donated items to one shop.  All proceeds (minus Etsy and Paypal fees) go to Doctors without Borders.  As with many groups and organizations that have popped up recently stating their donation would go towards relief efforts one should be wary.  Although; this shop has the permission of the Etsy organization as well as Doctors without Borders and a separate paypal account is linked directly to Doctors without Borders to maintain the integrity of the shop.  This is double satisfaction!! Not only does one receive fantastic merchandise (with free shipping), the money one spends will go to help an organization assisting with the medical attention this disaster so desperately needs.   Browsing through the pages of this shop is like going in a department store with a wide variety of items!  At the time I published this there were 435 items for sale and 495 items sold totaling almost $5000 in just 5 days!  I donated some perfume body oils and they quickly sold within hours so grab your favorites quick!
Here are a few favorites I found from each section I  think are fab (if they haven't already sold)!:

World at Peace art Print by ElenaMary.etsy.com



(FYI – there are over 170 jewelry items in this section…check them out!)



Check the Hearts for Haiti shop each day for different items that are listed (including mine).
If you have an Etsy shop and would like to donate please go to HeartsforHaiti[at}gmail{dot}com or the following forum thread link

If you are still wary about giving to this shop please take a moment to give other reputable organizations that I have posted earlier (1/15).  I'm so happy and glad I was so wrong that we care so much and doing anything and anyway we can to help. 


KilaRohner.com said...

Definitely great watching as people contribute with purchases and donations. Good to see the overwhelming support. And the items you've selected are truly fab!

Connie said...

It's wonderful to see the outpouring of support. It doesn't surprise me tho, the human capacity for empathy and love is bigger than any natural disaster. God bless the survivors in Haiti and the ones who didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! Thanks for helping to get the word out! And thanks for sharing your favorites. I might have to go take a look at all the jewelry in that shop now. ^_^

Anonymous said...

PS - Mine were the Gemini Kittens. ~_^