Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why is it suddenly not cool to have resolutions?

It seems as if more and more people think it's corny to have new year resolutions.  I hear it all the time "I don't make resolutions" or "I resolute not to make a resolution".  As if we are setting ourselves up for failure.  I really think people are reluctant to say it out loud because then people will hold them to it.  How many times have I heard "I though you were on a diet?"  when I reach for that cookie in the break room.   Well, that would be every Tuesday because every Monday I start a new diet (just kidding).  But saying it out loud and writing it down gives it some validity to hold one to ones word.  If I do mindlessly reach for the cookie that person just reminded me of my goal and saved me an extra 15 minutes on the stairmaster.  

It's a new year....Heck a new decade so why not sit down and reflect on realistic goals that you want to work on and make a plan to accomplish it.
  1. Say it
  2. Plan it
  3. Execute it
Personally I want to eventually run the NY marathon but since I haven't even run around the block in weeks (okay months) I think I should start with smaller more obtainable goals like finishing a 5k by April.
Business Goals

  • Labels are expensive but I know a bone of contention are to have waterproof labels. We hope to have some of our products with waterproof labels by mid year.
  • We currently have 3 shops who carry our products and we are working to expand with several local shops. Hopefully in 2010 you will see us in a store near you.

What are your 2010 personal/business resolutions....I mean goals?


Missus D said...

I like the pun you make on "Nikki makes Scents"!

Am I making sense? =)

ZionShore said...

I agree totally!
After many years of not making a new years resolution, I finally decided to make one this year. It has to be like you said "say it, plan it, execute it" otherwise nothing moves along.

Kara from Kara & Brooke Designs said...

I finally met my first resolution ever for 2009. That was to be pregnant again after loosing our first son (stillborn) on 12-30-08 and I am pregnant and doing well this time!!

This year it's more geared towards my home business/etsy shop.

I don't think it's "uncool". As long as you make resolutions that are actually within reach then it's totally worth it to have goals!

Miss Chevious Designs said...

I've also been struggling with the expensive labels issue. I finally resolved to buy blank labels from and print my own. They offer water-resistant inkjet printable blank labels. If you have a decent printer and the spare time to make them yourself, it's worth looking into for the saved money.

Thoris Designs said...

Great blog! So glad you posted it in the Etsy forums. I'll definitely be following you ;)

Christine Burgess said...

I actually did make a resolution of sorts for the first time. I never did the weight loss one like so many do, but I am trying new techiniques for my mosaics as my goal for this year.