Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first candle

This is the very first candle I made 12 years ago. For some reason my mom kept it like a yellowing 1st grade drawing on a refrigerator.

As you can see it’s dusty and only been lite once. There are a couple of cracks in it. I don’t think those were there when I gave it to her so it must have fallen a few times. But it’s my first candle so I might have thought that gave the candle “character.”

The candle was made out of a sour cream container and reused wax or wax I bought at a craft store. If you look closely you can see the wick has a tail at the bottom. I guess maybe I thought the longer the wick the longer the burn (who knows).

Actually I’m not sure why I would give her such a terrible looking candle; I was a grown adult and must have known it was pretty pathetic looking. Maybe she took it as memento and was going to show Oprah once I hit the big time.
Alas, over a decade now and we haven’t been invited by Oprah's staff yet and I can’t even get tickets! It’s in mom’s bathroom for some reason. Not really sure why.
It’s unscented so it serves no purpose (meaning it’s ugly and there isn’t a pleasant scent to make your nose appreciate the scent and not the appearance).
Thankfully I kept trying and eventually improved my skill. I hope you agree I have improved dramatically since.

Share your first creation story (first recipe, craft, etc).

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Tessa said...

The first time I made lip balm, it was a complete disaster! It came out bumpy and crusty, ick!!