Saturday, June 16, 2007

Many new features!!

So what is a blog anyway? I first thought it was somewhat vain to record ones every thought publicly. But then I thought; everyone needs to express their opinions and have them validated or debated and what better forum than potentially millions of people reading it. In addition, I'm not one to talk as my business is my namesake :-)

As the hot and sticky summer rears it's head, some people may think candles aren't for this season; but that couldn't be furthest from the truth. One of my favorite type of candles to light during this season are floaters. There are so many uses; Garden parties, in the bathroom to relax for a long soak, or a romantic evening centerpiece. I place a few in a clear bowl of water or individually in small ivy votive holders.

Since our last entry, we have also included a currency converter for international customers and a way to track your order. Both are located on the lower left menu.

Don't miss our events calendar which showcases a special day for almost anything. I didn't make these holidays up but in our office we get a kick out of some of them. Today is Pink Day!

We have launched our Independent Representative and Affiliate program last month! Earn extra cash being a part of our team!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Welcome to our new website!!

I am so excited to offer this new website for my customers. After 7 years with my old web-host, Nikki Makes Scents has simply outgrew it. After finding a new web-host and a fabulous web designer, we are able to simplify the browsing and ordering process and offer some really cool new features such as this Blog, a wish list, gift registry and event calender. (Currently we are unable to offer our popular Online Candle parties but hope to have something similar in the near future). We have spent several weeks of re-loading products and scents, but now we can get back to what we do best....Candles, Bath + Body and SCENTS!!! Subscribe to our blog and get our sales and new item info first! Don't forget to leave your feedback; as your opinion counts (If your an old customer I would appreciate what you liked/disliked about the old site and as well as this new one).
Thanks for your support!

Sunday, March 11, 2007