Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Samples Galore!!

This month and next month Nikki Makes Scents teamed up with several different companies to offer samples as a part of their sampler boxes. I love to try out products and getting a bunch of different samples in one box is a fantastic way to sample the many online businesses where one usually can't physically touch or smell them. I have contributed votives, lotions, perfume oils, body butter and soap samples. The soap samples aren't in my regular line yet. I was trying out new designs and with scents like Raspberry Ice and Fig & Sweet Almond (Yum). Usually there are between 10-20 different samples per box depending on the company. Look for us at:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greener shipping tip

I love this planet. Since I was a small child many people thought I was somewhat strange with my obsession to keep it clean. I would frown upon people that would litter or run behind my friends and family if they dared throw a piece of paper or wrapper on the ground. In my 20's I lectured my girlfriends on the environmental benefits of cloth diapers. And I even drove an electric car in the early years of the millennium before it was "en vogue" or gas spiked to $4. I must admit though, as I have gotten older, busier and less bold, I haven't been as proactive as I should be. It seems the more "natural" it is the more expensive it is. One would think that getting something straight out of the ground than manufacturing it would be simpler and cheaper but that isn't the case. As micro-mini business it is even more difficult to remain environmentally friendly in all aspects. Nonetheless, I try my best.
I I hate those little white foam peanuts. They will never disintegrate and are toxic to the factory workers who make them. But as a online business they are the most lightweight to keep from adding to shipping and for the most part cushion the products well. There are very few alternatives as paper is much heavier and corn starch peanuts are more expensive and hard to come by. In the 11 years of business I have never bought a bag of foam peanuts. I recycle them when I buy from my suppliers and I ask local businesses to save the peanuts or bubble wrap for me and I collect them monthly. My friends and family and coworkers also save their packaging to give to me. Sometimes I have so much I don't have enough room.

My easy packaging tip for consumers is unless you know the packaging is biodegradable, I encourage everyone to save at least a garbage bag full throughout the year to use for personal use like shipping presents or to give to a local mailing or online business. It won't save the planet but will recycle the peanuts already in circulation so less needs to be manufactured.