Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lip Balm Addiction?

This is obviously a issue that many people share that there are nine FaceBook groups dedicated to this topic (who knew!).  In addition, I saw a Dr. Oz segment about lip balm addiction and thought I would share my thoughts. 
Before I started making my own lip balm I had many of the "symptoms of addiction" he listed:
  • One applies lip balm more than three times per day. >>  check
  • You have more than one lip balm. >> check
  • You keep lip balm in multiple places. >> check
  • After a long, passionate kiss, the first thing your mind thinks about is re-applying your lip balm.  >> Um nope! That's the last thing I'm thinking about after a kiss (but that's another story)!
Here is the scary part.  Dr. Oz states if you keep applying the wrong lip balm the layers of your lips will start to look and feel like a croissant (flaky, dry & hollow).

Luckily I already knew this as I researched my recipe for lip balm years ago.
Those lip balms with camphor, menthol and alcohol that may initially feel good on your lips actually draw the moisture out.  Thus you keep reapplying.  Hence, the addiction.

Lip balms with natural ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil or Castor oil are natural moisturizers and sun screen and won't coat or draw out the layers of ones lips.

I still love my lip balm and I always reapply just as one would lipstick after food or drink.  I even found some cool lip balm holders to attach to my key chain, belt buckle or bag for easy access. 

So am I addicted?  Yes.  But I can think of far worse things to be addicted to and my addiction promotes shiny-healthy-pucker up lips!

Some other tips to keep your lips kissable are to stay hydrated, use a milder soap on your face and stop using that commercial lip stuff!

What is your addiction?