Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grandparents Day

Today, the first Sunday in September is National Grandparents Day (and also my birthday).  It's only fitting as there is a Mother's Day & Father's Day.   Grandparents are your built-in babysitters, spoil your kids silly and have so much knowledge that we sometimes overlook it.   I only knew my maternal grandmother and I was 11 when she left this earth but I still have so many fond memories of her.   She use to smoke a pipe and although I abhor cigarette smoke I stay still in the moment and reminise on the rare occassions I get a wiff of a pipe.  We all eventually want to  know about our past, what our ancestors did, where they lived and what they were like.  Since I don't have her anymore I look to my mom and relatives to fill in the gaps but it's not as deep.  Instead of going on these gemology sites first have a day with the grands.   Cherish them and their golden years of blood, sweat, tears and earned gray hairs.   What will you be doing with your grandparent today or what cherish memories do you have of your Granddad, Abuela, Nana (or whatever you call them)?