Saturday, September 10, 2011

Temporarily Closed

This has been the sign in almost all aspects of my life for the past  6 weeks anyway.

We are in the midst of closing on a house that we were to move in in August.  It's been a nightmare since then.  I am seriously thinking of starting a blog on venting about house buying and what NOT to do.  We moved out of our old home the end of July and we're currently living with family out of suitcases as all of our belongings are in storage. 

Oh, then there was the earthquake.  I thought I was just dizzy from all the chaos in my life but he felt it too.

Then there was the hurricane and the mandatory evacuation of our temporary home.  Then no electricity, flooding and road blocks that make it impossible to get to anyplace on time.

But then I put it all in perspective and I'm thankful that I am able to purchase a house when so many are losing theirs.  Even though I joke and say I'm homeless I'm greatful for for the roof over my head and that my friends and family are safe and sound.   Watching all the coverage of that 10 year old tragedy knocked some sense into me that I don't have it so bad.

We hope to be opened back up in 6 weeks (toward the end of October).   Hope you enjoyed your summer!