Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scent Addiction Overload

I'm not sure what came over me this past spring/summer, but I have been testing and trying over 100 new scents. I'm suppose to limit my scent addiction to purchasing twice a year...but I had a relapse and every other week I find another few fragrances I have to try! Some are the same scents from different vendors because I didn't like them but most are brand spankin' new.

The sound of that brown truck rolling up to the door means another box of fragrances are coming for me. I'm like a kid when the ice cream truck sings down the street! (I sound like and addict don't I?) I kinda stopped counting but I think that makes over 750 scents. I'm having some trials  entering them all on the website so If you want one that isn't listed on the website just drop me a message. Here is the long long list (many already is my favorites).  I need to go to a 12-step meeting now before my nose goes on overload.      
Abercrombie + Fitch (M) type
Abercrombie + Fitch (W) type
Amaretto Nog
Apple Harvest
Apple Jack Peel
Apples + Maple Bourbon 
Baobab Fruit Jam
Bergamot and Coriander
Bergamot Tobacco Archipelago
Black Amethyst type
Blueberry Cheesecake
Blue Musk
Brandied Pear
Brown Sugar + Fig 
Butterscotch Candy
Campfire Cocoa
Caramelized Pralines
Cherry Almond
Chocolate Biscotti
Christmas Cookie 
Christmas Hearth 
Cinnamon Bark
Cool Mountain Air
Cotton Candy
Cranberry Marmalade
Cucumber Apple Splash
Dancing Water
Deep fried Ice Cream
Drama Queen
Ed Hardy (M) type
Frankincense Patchouli
Fresh Bread
Girls Night Out
Golden Goddess (W) type
Hana Rain
Hanae Mori (W) type
Hearts + Daggers type (W)
Japanese Garden
Jasmine Blossoms + Green Tea
Kettle Corn
Lemon Tea
Love + Luck
Mangosteen Fruit
Mandarin Cranberry
Moon Lake Musk 
New Car Smell
Pink Leis
Pixie Dust
Pleasant Pie
Poeme (W) type
Puppies Breath
Red Velvet Cake 
Root Beer
Royal pine Little Tree
Rum Raisin
Sandalwood Jasmine 
Skin Milk
Sour Apple
Spiced Gumdrops
Spiced Wassail 
Starfruit and Mango
Strawberry Banana
Sugar Rush
Tobacco Pipe
Tea Leaf + Jasmine
Twinkle Toes
Vanilla Nut Spice
Violet Lime 

White Tea + Berries
You Go Girl! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do you remember when.....?

I'm from New York but was living in Michigan at the time.  Several days before it was my birthday so I had heard from my family members (all in New York suburbs and the NYC area) and their plans for that week.  I worked in a hospital and the news of the attack came in shortly after we had all settled in at our desk in front of our computer for the morning.  

The first time the towers were attacked my best friends husband was working in the building and escaped unharmed.  This next time, nine years ago, I didn't know anyone personally who was harmed physically but hundreds that we scarred emotionally and felt vulnerable.   As the second plane hit and we helplessly looked at the waiting room t.v I feared New York was under attack.  Then reports of evacuations of skyscrapers and government buildings all over the country, everyone began to feel we weren't safe anywhere.

I couldn't get through to any of my family members for hours.  The fear of knowing some of my relatives work and go to school in the area and then not knowing if they were okay was debilitating.  
I'm back in New York now and closer to my family than ever.  I don't know if it was that day or the fact I'm getting old but I value their importance in my life and try to reach out to them so they know I care whenever possible.  Life is busy....but get busy strengthening the relationships that count.

This post isn't to spute any political/religious agenda or the differences or similarities we have with those who attacked America or our reasons for being at war nine years later.   I wish for peace all around the world.  "There is no medicine for hatred" - Publius Syrus

Where were you this day 9 years ago and how did it effect you?  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

I found a bunch of great shops with wonderful items that just happen to have the same birthday as me.  I'm sure almost nothing would make us happier than to make more sales on our birthday than ever before.  Check them out.

'Happy Birthday to you!' by nikkicandles

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monthly Giveaway Galore

Congrats to the August winner Jackie from Salt Lake City for tweeting with us on twitter.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scent of the Month - Banana Nut Bread

If you didn't know (or so I've been told) the potassium in bananas are suppose to be good for headaches.  For a frequent migraine sufferer I usually have some on hand.  I have a tendency to like the banana skin to have lots of black spots on them.  It taste sweeter to me.  If you ever tasted sweet plantains then you can understand the deliciousness of an overly ripe mushy banana.  But then there are limits.  When the banana can't stand erect and is so mushy, time to make Banana Nut Bread.  This is the perfect scent of the month for September as the nights become cooler, school is back in and the a/c is not in daily use.  It reminds me of a homey tasty treat!