Monday, April 26, 2010

We are moving!

We are moving!   Looking the the perfect place that meets your needs has been arduous.   I haven't moved in 7 years but with ceiling tiles falling on you and flying carpenter ants (or termites) I knew it was my sign to go.  Our new space is a little bigger but brighter.  It's also a great excuse to now organize everything I have for smoother processing.  That also means shopping for lots of shelves, lighting and new equipment!  If I have time I'll take some pics of before and after if I'm not stressed from the move.  I only started packing and I have about 20 boxes and don't see any progress.  The biggest dread is packaging and securing my over 650 scents and hoping the movers take care in what I consider my most expensive business property....Perhaps I will load them in my truck instead.  Anybody have any moving horror stories?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

I love the earth. Selfishly it sustains me and very often I don't give a second thought where my food comes from and where my waste goes.  I've done my minimal part by not littering, recycling, turning off lights or unplugging items not in use and using the front and back of paper as well as little other things. But I know there are many other things I could and should be doing.  I'm glad there is an Earth Day to keep me (us) aware that this beautiful planet is in our hands and if we just give a little to it Mother Earth will respond tenfold!
The TV and movie specials and new gadgets and ideas to keep earth healthy and happy makes us so much more  aware than years ago and it is so easy now there is no excuse.  Have you watched the series Life? If you haven't already watch it, TIVO it or get it on video.  This is how beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and amazing life is......let's sustain it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blue Banana made the front page of Etsy!

This spectacular rendition of blue and yellow was made by a painter PatMcWhorter 
and Etsian.  It was featured on the front page of Etsy Monday morning.   Check out Blue Banana in the right lower corner.  These are votives I made for a listing on the Etsy shop currently still available but you can purchase this scent in any candle or bath & body style.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Pecan Day

I'm not into nuts (except for my nutty life).  I heard pecans are good in antioxidants to assist reducing the threats of cancer. I wonder if I smother them in chocolate I can get the same benefits.  

If your in Texas you may know that the pecan tree is the official tree for Texas.  My good friend who now lives in South Carolina says there is a pecan festival  that happens annually.  Alabama has made the pecan the official state nut!  The south loves their pecans!

Wherever your from or how ever your like your pecans (roasted pecans, pralines, pecan pie, butter pecan) Enjoy...and go nuts!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Freebies on the net - April

April is here and we found lots of colorful bright goodies to celebrate Spring.

Face of Time Steampunk Necklace from Mystic Pieces.   Go to the blog Simply Stacie for more details.  Hurry; giveaway ends April 4th!

 Enter to win your choice of Sixpence and Sunshine dresses.  Go to Cool Baby Kid for more details. Contest ends 4/15/2010.

More details at this forum post.  Giveaway ends April 11th.

Win your choice of 2 Jewelry Peaces (pun intended) by Little Miss Momma Blog.  
Giveaway ends April 15th.

Pillow Pets.  Go to Thank the Mail Carrier for more details. Contest ends April 22nd.

Madison Necklace by Lennah  Go to Mom's Focus on CyberWorld blog for more details. Giveaway ends April 10th.

A triple giveaway by Munieca Art and Paper Crafts.  Go to munieca's Facebook Fanpage for more details.  Giveaway ends April 10th

Go to GreyCat's Blog for more details.  Contest ends April 19th.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monthly Giveaway Galore

Congrats to Tabitha from Ohio for tweeting with us on Twitter and therefore being our Giveaway winner for March!!

Here is how you can win

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