Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FUgly Edition #3 – Zebra votives

Last summer an etsy team I belong to suggested one month we all create something “jungle-themed.” Be it the color, pattern, animal or whatever. This got my creative juices flowing. I decided to make votives in a zebra-type pattern and color. Thus the result.

First of, a zebra pattern isn’t strictly vertical so that should have been my first clue. I made the pieces to thick to bind properly so some as you can see aren’t. I made the black strips scented in Black Cherry.  When I binded them with wax the colors blended into a transparent Grey look. I think I should have renames this masterpiece to "black sky scrapers in smog".   So I tried it again.

I added white strips scented in coconut so when you light it the aroma of Black Cherry-Coconut fills the air.  Some did bind but look awful so if you want them they are yours for shipping cost only. I would suggest putting them in a tight fitting votive holder.  If you are purchasing something similar in size something else I will throw them in the box for ya (first come first serve).
I scratched this idea and went for this fall scented look

These Crackling Firewood Octives sold out constantly last fall.  So trial and error....and error paid off.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome to the world Skylar!

One of my oldest and dearest friends had a baby girl not to long ago.  After a very touch and go high risk pregnancy that had her on bed rest the whole time I am so happy the mother & baby are healthy and happy.  I had a chance to visit them this evening and she is so tiny and precious. I'm so happy for her.   I brought over some goodies for mom and new baby and she loved them.

                         Mommy + Mini Me Gift Set                         

She still has the candle I made for her for her son's birth several years ago.  Imagine that!  Big brother has been begging for sibling for years but when the crucial time came to visit little sister in the hospital his words were "Do I have to go see her?  I will see her for the rest of my life"  Out of the mouths of babes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Banana Cream Pie Day

Today is Banana Cream Pie Day! I kid you not. I didn’t find any interesting facts as to why this dessert has it’s own day and who dubbed this National Banana Cream Pie day. Maybe banana farmers or bakers of award winning Banana cream pies wanted recognition. Can this be sanctioned by someone other than the president?  Okay, I’m thinking to deeply about this.  The only tidbits I found out was that Banana Cream Pie was the favorite dessert in the U.S Armed Forces in 1951 (I guess devil dogs weren’t invented yet).

Nonetheless, I never tried this creamy delight before.  I don’t think I will start now since as I age I’m getting more and more lactose intolerant. I’m not really into fruit pies anyway except if I make a homemade apple pie. Yet fruit pies always looks and smell so delicious.

I do however love the scent of bananas and therefore will discount this scent for today only.
20% off any product with the scent Banana Cream Pie on my website. 
We also have a listing currently on sale at Etsy.

Check out this recipe link for Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes that I found on that sound yummy if you want to make one.

Otherwise, buy one at the bakery. I asked my local bakery if he was aware of this holiday and he gave me a blank stare. I just happen to be the godmother of the owners’ his firstborn and he still wasn’t taking any percent off a cream pie I was bringing in for my staff . (I thought I would try.)

If your on a diet get the scent in a candle, air freshener or bath + body product… its the next best thing!

PS: Just so you can plan your meals accordingly March is National Nutrition Month but this Thursday (3/4) is National PoundCake Day and Friday (3/5) is National Cheese Doodle Day.
Go figure.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Giveaway Galore

Congrats to Sandra from Delaware for commenting on our "What people are saying" page and therefore being our Giveaway winner for February!!

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